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Motion Control

USB stepper motor controller, driver
USB interface
examples on LabView, Visual C++ are included

ASEQ Motion Control
ASEQ Motion Control
PDF specification


Low price: $210

ST L6228 chip for bipolar stepper motors - maximum 2.8A drive current (1.4 A RMS)

High speed USB controller can control up to 3 axis

1/2 microstep - higher accuracy, smoother operation ! with up to 256 microsteps !

Overload & over-current & over-temperature protection, full protection of your computer and peripheral equipment

Software full current level control independently for each phase of the motor according to the user the actual current requirement

Full closed-type optical driver isolation from USB controller to protect the user's computer and equipment and avoid errors on high-frequency USB connection

End switches to perform emergency stop to avoid mechanical damage of your system and accurate calibration

Development KID for Visual C and LabView is included

Computer interface: USB 2.0, HID 2.0

Operational system: Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Software: application software, driver, examples on LabView, Visual C++

Hardware: USB Controller, driver, USB cable, CD with Software

Additional drivers can be purchased separately

contact: contact@aseq-instruments.com
Vancouver, Canada